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Dec. 2011 - International Safety & Supply provides Mitsubishi with 6 Vertical Escape Chute Systems.


Jan. 2012 - Coastal Spill Supply, a division of International Safety & Supply was awarded a distributorship for Absorbents and Spill Kits.


Sept. 2012 - International Safety & Supply and Risk Safety Systems  delivered 2 IECS integrated escape chute systems for  ENSCO’s 8500 series semi-submersible rigs.


Nov. 2012 - International Safety & Supply  enters into a  agency agreement with HHSL Safety Systems

LTD who will market ISS products in  Trinidad.  


Jan. 2013 - International Safety & Supply  is now manufacturing fiberglass storage cabinets under the ISS Brand in Houston, Texas.


April 2013 - ISS is now offering the MAS-67 fully enclosed gravity deployed escape chute system designed for North Sea Applications.


January 2015 -  ISS is now  an authorized Distributor of Veilux Explosion-Proof  CCTV  Camera Systems.



Personal Controlled Escape Devices from Heights

 Donut Descent Device


International Safety & Supply is a global supplier of  offshore descent devices manufactured by  Donut.


DONUT OFFSHORE - A Personal Controlled Descent Device for Tertiary Escape from an Offshore Installations when Conventional means are not possible.


Donut Personal Controlled Descent Device

The Patented Donut Personal Controlled Descent Device is the Offshore Industry standard, and was designed and developed in a response to the Piper Alpha tragedy with the cooperation of the UK Regulatory Authorities and the North Sea operators.


Donut is a simple, lightweight device designed as a tertiary means of escape from an Offshore Installation when Conventional means are not possible. It enables Personnel to escape by means of Individual Controlled Descent once the device has been attached to a handrail or other load bearing structure. It is easy to use and requires minimal physical effort.


Donut – Guided Escape to a Liferaft

The Donut has been designed to assist an evacuation to a Liferaft by incorporating a strop, which is attached to the Liferaft Painter Line prior to descent. The Painter Line acts as a guide, during descent, for easy entry into the Liferaft. The evacuee remains safely attached via the Donut Harness to the Painter Line throughout this operation alleviating the risk of being washed away when entering the water.


Conventional methods of Secondary/Tertiary Evacuation:

  • Scramble nets are awkward and difficult to use and require periodic inspection.
  •  Knotted ropes are both physically and mentally very demanding to use, especially if the evacuee is wearing a Survival Suit or Life     
  •  Jacket. Chutes are a fixed entry, which may be rendered inoperative if cause of emergency is in the area where the chute is situated.


Advantages of Donut over conventional methods of Evacuation:

  • Donut is both lightweight and portable. It can be deployed from any safe area on the Platform or Installation.
  •  It can be used with any other combination of Survival equipment found onboard the Platform.
  •  Users do not have to wait their turn to use the equipment.
  •  It can be used during an escape to a Liferaft, where a strop is attached to the Liferafts Painter Line allowing a guided descent to the

            Liferaft, thus preventing the risk of being washed away once in the water.

  •  The user can lock off the Donut device above the water, awaiting Rescue remaining visible and more importantly dry.

            The Donut is fitted with a non-spark chemical Light stick allowing the user to illuminate their descent or attract attention.






The Donut Personal Controlled Descent Device has been appraised and obtained Approvals by the following Regularity and Certifying Bodies: -

  •       UK Health & Safety Executive
  •       UK Department for Transport
  •       European CE Mark
  •       Lloyds Register Type Approval
  •       Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
  •       Nigerian National Maritime Authority
  •       BS EN ISO 9001 - 2000











   Donut is the only Descent Device on the Market to holds such a comprehensive list of recognized Approvals.











1.   Harness

2.   Containment Bag

3.   Descender Unit

4.   High Strength Tape

5.   Wire Strop

6.   Life Raft Strop

7.   Quick Release Mechanism


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Donut Descent Device