Latest News

Dec. 2011 - International Safety & Supply provides Mitsubishi with 6 Vertical Escape Chute Systems.


Jan. 2012 - Coastal Spill Supply, a division of International Safety & Supply was awarded a distributorship for Absorbents and Spill Kits.


Sept. 2012 - International Safety & Supply and Risk Safety Systems  delivered 2 IECS integrated escape chute systems for  ENSCO’s 8500 series semi-submersible rigs.


Nov. 2012 - International Safety & Supply  enters into a  agency agreement with HHSL Safety Systems

LTD who will market ISS products in  Trinidad.  


Jan. 2013 - International Safety & Supply  is now manufacturing fiberglass storage cabinets under the ISS Brand in Houston, Texas.


April 2013 - ISS is now offering the MAS-67 fully enclosed gravity deployed escape chute system designed for North Sea Applications.

 Surveys & Installations

International Safety & Supply Surveying and Installation Services helping you to stay safe and compliant.


International Safety & Supply can provide professional Surveying and Installation Services Worldwide. Our team of surveyors and installation technicians will visit your asset, asses your particular requirements and prepare a comprehensive survey,  in some cases we prepare the survey from a Technical Drawings, MTO, or  Photo’s.


In all cases we ensure that the information supplied is adequate to ensure that ISS provide technical clarification that is accurate and proofed by the customer prior to manufacture and installation, these services are offered for the following product ranges: -



Integrated Safety Awareness Systems


Pictorial Signage, General Information Boards, SLIB, Safety Location Boards, Low Level Photo luminescent Artificial Lighting, Coiled Pipe Markers & Lock out Tags,  Anti-Slip Stairway, Treads and Ladders


Offshore - Onshore, Petrochemical, Marine, Ship Yard and General Industry.

Upon receipt of a customer enquiry ISS will request the opportunity to meet with you in order to fully discuss your particular requirements. The first meeting is used to introduce ISS and obtain sufficient information to  meet your particular needs. Upon request ISS will supply a professional surveyor who will visit your asset, fully asses your needs, this ensures you remain compliant with all governing bodies, including, OSHA, ANSI, IMO, SOLAS, US Coast Guard, FPA, MMS, HSE and any other governing bodies worldwide.   


Our Full - Turn Key Safety Signage Systems are designed to eradicate sign blindness. ISS uses our SLIB, safety location information boards, these are populated with the relevant sign - Hazard, Prohibition, Mandatory,

IMO and so on.


As part our full-turn key service ISS provides Coiled Pipe Markers, Anti-Slip - for ladders, gangway, stairways.

Photo luminescent Low Level artificial lighting for accommodation units, offering low level lighting that provides illuminated escape in the case of Fire, Photo luminescent is also available for any type of safety sign.     


Escape Chute Systems, Donut Descent Devices and Ladder Systems

ISS can provide surveying and installation services for our complete range of escape chutes. From Commercial, Residential, Marine, Offshore/Onshore, our surveyors are fully trained and provide a comprehensive survey based on each customer’s requirements.  As with Safety Signage Systems, ISS can provide a desktop survey from Technical Drawings, MTO or Photo’s. However ISS always recommends a physical survey to ensure accuracy.  We then provide a team of fitters who  install and test the Escape Chute, Donut Descent Device or Ladder System, training of key personnel is also provided.  ISS can provide annual maintenance contracts, whereby we visit your facility, carry out a full safety inspection and service.


A full inspection report is provided, please contact us for an annual maintenance price.


All Surveyors and Fitters are fully qualified and trained. For offshore work, only surveyors and fitters who hold survival training are deployed to the facility.






 For a Quotation Contact us at:  info@internationalsafetysupply.com or call 281-903-6883