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Dec. 2011 - International Safety & Supply provides Mitsubishi with 6 Vertical Escape Chute Systems.


Jan. 2012 - Coastal Spill Supply, a division of International Safety & Supply was awarded a distributorship for Absorbents and Spill Kits.


Sept. 2012 - International Safety & Supply and Risk Safety Systems  delivered 2 IECS integrated escape chute systems for  ENSCO’s 8500 series semi-submersible rigs.


Nov. 2012 - International Safety & Supply  enters into a  agency agreement with HHSL Safety Systems

LTD who will market ISS products in  Trinidad.  


Jan. 2013 - International Safety & Supply  is now manufacturing fiberglass storage cabinets under the ISS Brand in Houston, Texas.


April 2013 - ISS is now offering the MAS-67 fully enclosed gravity deployed escape chute system designed for North Sea Applications.


January 2015 -  ISS is now  an authorized Distributor of Veilux Explosion-Proof  CCTV  Camera Systems.



January 1, 2013 - International Safety & Supply in now manufacturing Fiberglass Storage Cabinets under the ISS Brand.  The

                            cabinets are designed to protect everything from life jackets and foul weather gear to fire hoses and breathing

                            Apparatus equipment in harsh or corrosive environments.  The fiberglass cabinets and boxes are manufactured in

                             Houston, Texas and shipped worldwide.


April 1, 2013






January 1, 2015         

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International Safety  & Supply is now offering the MAS-67 Fully Enclosed Gravity Deployed Escape Chute System Designed for harsh environments and specifically the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea.

This is the latest design in escape chute systems eliminating the need for transferring evacuees from a debarkation raft into throw over life rafts.   Now a single raft is deployed with the chute system and once all evacuees are secure, the primary  raft is disconnected and floats away.

International Safety & Supply is now an Authorized Distributor of Veilux  Explosion-Proof CCTV camera

Systems including, explosion proof  Stainless Steel Housings, analog, IP and wireless box cameras, DVR’s,

Monitors, and all accessories to complete each custom designed system.